About us

Tommy’s Cleaners was established in early 2000. Since then the company has been proudly servicing the Goose Creek, Summerville and North Charleston communities. As a new and small family owned business, the company had to put forth an extreme effort to gain the trust of the community and establish its clientele.

In March of 2010, the company was passed on to the owner’s employee and store manager of 10 years.

The transfer of ownership proved to be successful from the very beginning as the long term customers were familiar with the manager, skills, and the services they were accustomed to receiving. In addition, it assured them that they would continue to receive the superior service they have been for the first 10 years. The new owner brings a life long history of experience in the textile industry. This includes over 18 years of work as a professional seamstress and an additional 22 years in the Dry Cleaning and laundering business. Her vast experience and knowledge assures the continuous excellence our customers expect as she continues to manage the daily operations even as the owner. While the support of other managing members of Tommy’s Cleaners not only provides operational support, it also contributes 24 years of business management experience and skills to this store as well. Tommy’s Cleaners also has a successful accounting team as well as an expert seamstress whose support assure smooth operation and supreme customer service. We certainly realize that our success is only possible due to our loyal customers and are forever grateful for their patronage.